2 different vis of Shanghai, China.
On the left Uluru, Australia.
On the right the fjords in New Zealand.
On the left the view from Hyde Park, Sydney, Australia.
On the right, the hostel in Glebe, Sydney, Australia.
On the left the view from the couch, at the Global Village Hostel, in Greymouth, New Zealand.
On the right, Queenstown, New Zealand.
From Starbucks in People's Square, Shanghai, China.
Some nice buildings at Gare De L'Est, Paris, France.
Rue De La Bucherie, Paris, France.
People waiting at the Helsinki International Airport, Finland.
Walking around Sydney, Australia.
At the Central bus stop, Sydney, Australia.
AT the Beavois Airport, Paris, France.
Sydney, Australia.
Isola D'Elba, Italy.
Boracay, Philippines.
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