About me

Born and raised in Italy, he lived the last six years in China and he’s now based in Sydney, Australia. He started his career in 1995 illustrating high school textbooks for Zanichelli Publisher. Three years later in Ferrara, he joined the studio of Germano Bonazzi and Roberto Zaghi ( both italian cartoonists working for Sergio Bonelli Editore ). In 1999 , he started illustrating the adventures of the popular criminologist “ Julia “ , created by Giancarlo Berardi and published by Sergio Bonelli Editore. In 2008 moved to Shanghai, and while working on the several issues of “ Julia “ , he made the comics adaptation of “ War and Peace “ by Lev Tolstoj , written by Frederic Bremaud, published by Adonis / Glenat. In the same year he did some short stories about China for the italian magazine Animals ( Coniglio Editore ). In 2010 he moved to Hangzhou ( China ) and started his collaboration with belgium writer Vincent Zabus, drawing the one shot “ Les Petites Gens “ , published by Le Lombard, then “Les Larmes Du Seigneur Afghan”, written by Vincent in collaboration with the RTBF ( Belgian Television) reporter Pascal Bourgaux, published by Dupuis Editions and recognized with the Prix Cognito for Best Graphic Novel at the Belgian Book Fair in 2014.

His work has been also awarded with the Spectrum Fantastic Art Gold Award for his comics and a Bronze Ledger Award for “ Gente Corriente “.

Thomas has just finished Macaroni! , a new graphic novel in collaboration with Vincent that will be published by Dupuis in 2016, and he’s already working on a new project.

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